Sulphur is a yellowish metal that is important in a number of reactions and can produce some useful products; for example, sulphagne. It is also one of the building blocks of life.


Sulphur (symbol S) has an atomic weight of 32, a valency of 16 and can be found in Citadel 5 1 5 7 000. Unlike most metals, sulphur is not attracted to magnets.


Sulphur is important in a number of ways. It is associated with the Benediction of Our Lady Margaret and can also be used to remove stobbo.

In IndustryEdit

Sulphur plays an important role in hydrosulphic chlorination of tetrametazine. It is also the trusty companion of sailors and mariners, as it is used in the production of butter. Sulphur can also be used to make matchheads.

Reaction with an Iron SolutionEdit

Main article: Production of sulphagne

If a quantity of sulphur is mixed with a solution rich in iron, for example, champagne, the two will react to produce (in this case) sulphagne.

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