Moth-apple tree

The Moth-Apple Tree (Lepidopterus Arboratus) is a fruit bearing bush on which moth-apples grow.


You can grow your own moth-apple tree either by planting one of the seeds from inside a moth-apple or by harbouring a culture of the Milenius Mytoteme germ overnight.

By SeedEdit

Growing your own moth-apple tree using the seed of a moth-apple is incredibly difficult. The plant is not particulary difficult to grow in the United Kingdom or difficult to nurture as it grows. Although moth-apples are smaller than crab apples, and sweeter too, you shouldn't eat them because they are highly explosive. Little research has been undertaken to see if cutting a moth-apple open would have the same effect as eating one. If it did not explode, it would then mean that its not the act of breaking open the moth apple that causes it to explode, but the presence of calcium and/or saliva induces the reaction.

By GermsEdit

Scientists have shown that if a sample of the Milenius Mytoteme germ is obtained from the Brown Maiden moth and swabbed onto a culture of agar in a petri dish, it will bind together overnight to from a moth-apple tree. If transplanted fom the petri into a plant pot or flower bed and looked after properly, it can make a wonderful addition to your garden, dining room table or local roundabout.