At the Look Around You Wiki, we have established a Manual of Style to maintain a sense of continuity and uniformity to the articles. We would appreciate it if any editing could follow this guide; after all, one of the administrators will probably end up changing a dodgy article any way. It is broken down into the following key points:

1) Don't guess or assume. Although we know that N2O is nitrous oxide in 'real science', we are never told this in the show. Therefore, it would not be correct to refer to it as such. Certain administrative definitions, (for example, using proper terms on a category page) are appropriate if the show does not provide an alternate definition (as in the category page for science).

2) Try to group information given in into sub heading within articles.

3) Articles are either 'in-Universe' (for example, Calcium) or 'out of Universe' (for example, Robert Popper). Within in-Universe articles, we write as if they were true. Out of Universe articles can refer to the show and the science presented in a fictional manner.

4) Spelling. For 'made up' words, correct spellings can be found in subtitles on the Look Around You DVDs.

5) On this Wiki, article titles are in the singular and we write in the present tense, unless (within the in-Universe narrative) the character or event lived or happened in the past.

6) Look Around You is a British show and thus the language of choice for general spelling is UK English (for example sulphur, not sulfur).

7) The first mention of the subject within an article should be in bold.

8) Other articles should be linked to once within a page (the first mention is best).

9) Please feel free to use series one and two as references, as well as the official BBC website for these series at

10) Only admins can edit this article. Please send suggestions to any of the admins via their talk pages.

Thanks, users.


The Look Around You Admins.

Write that in your copy books, now.