A Ghost (also known as a ghoul, a phantom, a demon, a spirit, a spirrin or a spictrin) is an entity produced when a living thing dies. Humans, for example, become ghosts after death and although keeping similar visual features (apart from the obvious change to a white, gas like form) ghosts have many unique properties and differences to their original living appearance. Non-living things can also produce ghosts.


Ghosts of living things appear as a transparent to translucent image of the original living thing, coloured mostly white with large quantities of a white gas emanating from them. Ghosts are able to pass through solid surfaces, drink a glass of orange squash and even wear hats. However, they are unable to whistle, mostly because their lips are transparent and their tongues are see through.

Ghosts can be mischievous, even when tasked to help a human. It is therefore prudent to keep a source of strong electrical current when working with ghosts; this allows one to shock them as a punishment.


Ghosts can materialize to make themselves visible to living things. They can do this naturally, but can also be forcibly visualized (see 'Summoning' below). When a ghost materialises, it can leave behind a physical residue known as ectoplasm, which is perfectly safe to eat. Ghosts do not have to materialise to manipulate objects.

Interactions with HumansEdit

Some humans feel scared by ghosts, but this is widely considered as a childish attitude, as the majority are quite harmless and can often aide humans in tasks such as the fixing of a caravan or homework.

Many humans are interested in ghosts; the popular magazine 'The Other Side ' is published every week and looks closely at current ghost affairs. Mediums are also used to contact the dead by many.


Ghosts are used to help humans with tasks. As well as those mentioned above, ghosts are able to help with experiments, especially when working in a 'haunted laboratory'.

Ghosts are also important when using a Ouija Board.


Main article: Gloriette 80 Materialiser

Ghosts can be forcibly materialised or 'summoned' through the use of the Gloriette 80 Materialiser. This allows experiments on a ghost to be carried out under controlled conditions.

Non-Living GhostsEdit

It is also possible for non-living objects to form ghosts. These ghosts seem to be very similar to their 'real' counterparts; they do not display typical ghost characteristics. However, the ghost of a van, for example, is able to drive itself. Rolls of sticky tape could also form ghosts.

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