The brain is, among other things, a calculator, a dictionary, a battery, a camera, a TV and radio. The brain sits atop the body, performing calculations and giving orders to the rest of the body. Almost every living being has a brain, including animals and peas.


The brain resembles a garden cauliflower and is basically a wrinkled bag of skin containing warm water, veins and thought muscles; something like a modified heart, only with a 'mind' or 'brain'. One small area of the brain (the broab) is key when performing brainial stimulation. The brain's structure can also be complimented with EBEs.


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The brain is very good at estimating quantities, for example, at guessing the number of nuts in a jar. A brain can also be fed as a reward for completing a task.


The brain controls walking and jumping, eye to eye coordination and the size of the human in question. Nearly everything done by a living being is controlled by the brain. The opposite of the brain is the bum.

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